The shop is where you can buy and spend Gems. It is located at the top left of your screen, next to your Gem and Coin count.

Gems Edit

Icon gem


Gems are the premium currency in C.A.T.S. They are used to purchase special boxes, instantly open Supply Boxes, and regain parts lost from betting. You can gain Gems in Supply Boxes, Championship rewards, League rewards, and by buying them.
All prices are USD.
Gem Pricing
Amount of Gems/Gems Per Dollar Price
90/45.22Icon gem $1.99
200/40.08Icon gem $4.99
600/60.06Icon gem $9.99
1,500/71.46Icon gem $20.99
5,000/90.93Icon gem $54.99
12,000/114.3Icon gem $104.99

Pricing taken from Google Play. Apple prices may be different.

Boxes Edit

Box Name Picture Contains Gem Cost
Giant Box
Giant box
24 parts
At least 2 Super Parts
150Icon gem
Super Giant Box
Super Giant box
24 Super Parts
At least 2 Legendary Parts
600Icon gem
Super Bodies Box
Super Body box
6 Super Bodies
At least 1 Legendary Body
300Icon gem
Super Parts Box
Super Part box
6 Super Parts
At least 1 Legendary Part
300Icon gem

Special Offers Edit

Engineer's Special Pack

An Example of a Special Offer

Sometimes, a Special Offer will be available. The details for these offers vary from person to person, as well as how long they last. It is unknown what triggers the offers availability.

These offers can only be bought once.