Quick Fight button and Win Streak counter

Quick Fights are single fights with random people that are in Stages and League close to you. Their Health and Attack should be comparable to yours.

When you start a Quick Fight, just as in the Championship you have a back button on the bottom left and a skip button on the bottom right. However, using the back button will break your Win Streak and lose Rating, while the skip button costs Gold to use. As you climb the Stages the cost to skip will increase. To lower this cost you can obtain a skill.

What are Quick Fights for?Edit

Quick fight lose

Example of after a Quick Fight (and also a Win Streak loss)

Quick Fights are used to obtain Supply Boxes and Rating points. Every three battles won, you will gain a either a Regular or Super Box along with a certain number of Rating points. The bigger your win streak, the more Rating points you earn. Note: There is a limit to the maximum number of Rating points that you can get on a certain Stage. See: Rating for more information.

Winning Streaks Edit

Screenshot 20170513-224811

A victorious battle resulting in a winning streak of 5, earning a crown for a supply box

Win Streaks also allow you to get Crowns for your Supply Boxes. Crowns improve the parts that you get out of a Box by adding an additional star to a random part. You can place up to 3 Crowns on one Box. 1 Crown is awarded for a Win Streak of 5 battles. You'll also win increasingly more rating points as you win.

Each time you win one quick battle, a metal blade will be shown spinning with your current winning streak. However, if you lose one quick battle, the blade will break and your win streak is reset to 0.

Your winning streak is shown on the metal blade to the right of the "Quick Fight" button.

How to Avoid Losing a Winning Streak Edit

  1. Focus on the enemy's weapon damage, then look at your health. If he's too strong for you, you can skip for coins (If you have less coins than the actual skip cost, then take the loss).
  2. Think about how many hits it will take for you to destroy your opponent, and then how many it takes your opponent to destroy you. If it takes less hits for him to win, then don't battle.
  3. If you and your enemy have the same health and same weapon damage, then it's partially either winning or losing, depending on who has the better weapons.