Prestige Mode is available for players who reach stage 24. Prestige allows you to "restart" the game from the very beginning while keeping all the Skills and Gems you have currently. All your Coins, spare parts, and stickers will be reset. Ultimate Parts, Cash, Tickets, League, Rating, Avatar and not opened Supply Boxes are unaffected. This action is irreversible.

When you enter Prestige, you receive a special badge containing your Prestige number that is located next to your nickname. The current highest achievable Prestige is 60.You also receive some Gems, skill points, and a sticker specific to your prestige.

In championships and gang fights, all players compete, regardless of Prestige. In quick fights however, players are always paired with other players of equal or higher prestige.

Certain spare parts and Skills can be unlocked only after reaching a certain Prestige or stage within the Prestige. See skills for more details on Prestige Skills.

Part unlocked Prestige required Stage required
Whale 1 1
Minigun 1 1
Diamond 1 10
Shotgun 2 1
First Aid Kit 3 1
Lifter 4 1

All Prestige-Unlocked parts are still obtainable via Gang Boxes for all players, regardless of their Prestige.