Super part

Super Part

Magic Bonuses are boosts that provide stat boosts towards themselves or other parts.

Parts with Magic Bonuses are called "Super Parts". The parts with a 100% Bonus are called Legendary Parts.

Super Parts are guaranteed in all Supply Boxes except Regular Boxes and Uncle Tony's Special Deliveries.

Legendary Parts are guaranteed in Legendary Boxes, Super Giant Box, Super Body Box and Super Part Box.
Legendary part

Legendary Part

Functions of Magic Bonuses Edit

They can add health or damage either to the part they are assigned to or to a different part. For example, you can have a Classic that gives 10% Attack to Chainsaw, or the same Classic that gives 20% Health to Bigfoot wheels.

There are certain bonuses called "Universal Bonuses" that gives a bonus to not just specifics, for example, a Chainsaw that gives +20% Health to Wheels, it gives the Health to ANY wheel.

Having multiple applied Magic Bonus on a machine can guide you to climb the championship quickly.

Types of Magic Bonuses Edit

There are several types of Magic Bonuses based on the type of a part. Bolded phrases are UNIVERSAL magic bonuses.

Chassis Edit

  • +?% Attack to (Weapon)
  • +?% Health to (Wheels / Gadgets)
  • +?% Attack to Weapons

Weapon Edit

  • +?% Health to (Chassis / Wheels / Gadgets)
  • +?% Attack when on (Chassis)
  • +?% Attack when equipped

Wheels Edit

  • +?% Health to (Chassis)
  • +?% Health to Wheels

Gadgets Edit

  • +?% Attack to (Weapon)
  • +?% Health to (Chassis)

Methods to obtain / improve Magic Bonuses Edit

Method 1: Betting Edit

You can get a random Magic Bonus / increase the existing Magic Bonus of the part by placing it on a Bet and winning. Longer Bets give bigger bonuses. This method is impossible to Legendary Parts and Magic Parts with 60% Bonus (not including Magic Toolbox boosts).

Note: You can only increase the Bonus up to 60% (excluding Magic Toolbox boosts).

Method 2: Fusing Magic Toolboxes Edit

You can also get a random Magic Bonus / increase the existing Magic Bonus on a part by fusing Magic Toolboxes into it. Each Magic Toolbox provides +10% Magic Bonus. This method allows Super Parts to have over 60% Magic Bonus and Legendary Parts to have over 100% Magic Bonus without skills. This method is also the safest way to improve Magic Bonus. However, the gold cost of fusing Magic Toolboxes increases according to the amount of Magic Toolboxes has been fused into.

Note: However, it is unknown that when Magic Toolbox will be available again to obtain after the 2018 October All-Stars Event.