Many chassis have slots for Gadgets. Gadgets give your machine certain perks.

Statistics Edit

  1. Gadgets add health to your battle car
  2. Gadgets consume power on your battle car, limiting the amount you can have installed.


Booster Backpedal Repulse Forklift First-Aid Kit Harpoon Lifter
Gadget Booster
Gadget Backpedal
Gadget Repulse
Gadget Forklift

Abilities of the Gadgets Edit

Booster: Propels your vehicle forward. Be careful, as they can cause your battle car to flip upside down, rendering you immobile and vulnerable to attack.

Backpedal: Pushes your battle car backwards. It's not recommended to place these on Titans, there is a chance of tipping them backwards.

Repulse: Blows up on contact with an enemy battle car and pushes them away from you with great force. However, no damage is done.

Forklift: Constantly rotates as long as your car stands still, lifting any enemy battle car that it can touch. Your opponent may end up being flipped over, giving you the advantage.

Harpoon: Shoots right after the Lifter, pulling the opponent towards you and sticking to the enemy for a few seconds.

First Aid Kit: After health goes below half, it adds up health amount as in detailed view within 3-4 seconds. Does not reanimate just extend if something is left. Available with Prestige 3.

Lifter: Shot in the first second, sticks to the opponent's Body and fills a balloon. This lifts the car for 3-4 seconds. If it lands on the front region, car will be lifted nose upwards. If it lands on the center region, only a slight "horizontal" lift will appear. Can be destroyed by weapons of the car where it sticks to, weapon will pass through. (Chainsaw, blade, stinger and drill destroy immediately if in contact). Available with Prestige 4.