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  • A wooden vacuum.
  • A metal vacuum.
  • A military vacuum.
  • A golden vacuum.
  • A carbon vacuum.

Vacuums tries stick to the ground, making it harder to flip. It is unlocked at prestige 2 stage 10.

  • A wooden toolbox.
  • A metal toolbox.
  • A military toolbox.
  • A golden toolbox.
  • A carbon toolbox.

Toolbox looks Edit

Magic toolbox

The magic symbol


These toolboxes can be obtained in gang boxes, legendary boxes, and rarely in super boxes. When fused, it gives a bonus on a random part/wheel/gadget/body it's currently on (so fusing it without any other parts will not work). It gives a 5% attack bonus or a 5% health bonus. Like other toolboxes, the more you fuse on a part, the more it costs. There's a 1 in 8 chance to get it in a super box. You get 4-6 of them in legendary boxes. The amount you get in gang boxes depends on the rank.

Rank of gang box Amount of magic toolboxes earnt
1 2
2 4
3 5
4+ 6
Magic toolbox2

A magic toolbox.