Drill Edit

Drills are short-ranged weapons, shorter than Stingers but longer than Chainsaws. They do high damage but less than Chainsaws. When they touch enemies they deal continuous damage to it.

Requirements Edit

Drill is unlocked at Prestige 0 Stage 1.

Recommendations Edit

Since Drills are short-ranged, equipping them with Sneakies are excellent since they are very light, therefore moves easily. They are ineffective against Forklifts because they attack in front of them. Harpoons are also very good with them since it grabs enemies and moves your machine close to them.

Pros Edit

-They deal high damage.

-Harpoons and Drills are almost unbeatable.

Cons Edit

-They attack in only one direction.

-They are short-ranged.

Image Edit

Weapon Drill

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