The Body is the chassis of your machine. It has several randomly placed slots in which you can install weapons, wheels, and gadgets. Weapon slots are hexagonal (1 to 3 slots are possible), wheel slots are circular (2 or 3 slots are possible) and located at the bottom of the body, and the gadget slots are square (Not all bodies have this kind of slot). As with all other parts, bodies have a tier, a number of stars (1 to 5), and a level.  The maximum level is based on the number of stars in that particular tier:

  • 1 star is max lvl 6
  • 2 stars is max lvl 11
  • 3 stars is max lvl 16
  • 4 stars is max lvl 21
  • 5 stars is max lvl 26

Note: Classics and titans can only have 2 wheel slots.


  1. Health - The health points that the body has. When your combined HP is depleted in battle, you lose.
  2. Power - The amount of power the body contains. Equipping weapons and gadgets occupies a certain amount of power.


Classic Sneaky Titan Surfer Boulder Pyramid Whale Diamond
Chassis Classic
Chassis Sneaky
Chassis Titan
Chassis Surfer
Chassis Boulder
Chassis Pyramid
Chassis Whale

Pyramid is unlocked upon reaching Stage 10

Whale is unlocked upon reaching Prestige 1

Diamond is unlocked upon reaching Prestige 1 Stage 10