• PgSuper

    State of the Wikia

    December 5, 2017 by PgSuper

    I have noticed the admins of this wiki aren't active. The wiki is doing not that bad thanks to many user contributions, but there are still many things missing. Even moderation.

    As such, I plan to help out. I'm doing some edits and trying to improve articles, seeing and correcting some mistakes, etc. However, I'm going to also try and go a step further.

    I'm planning on running for adoption. I want to improve things like the main page, add a logo, style better some things etc. I want to help the wiki overall.

    Please tell me if I'm doing the right choice. If you know someone else who would probably be way better on that spot, please tell me below. I'd be happy to help!

    EDIT: I am no longer running for adoption of this wiki.

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  • Gjoasflgsasfa

    Go here or here or here to find out what ideas you can make.

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